The legal variant of "Natasha" is "Natalia". The former is my name, and the latter is reserved for paperwork.


Linguistics Department, PO D-191
University of Konstanz
78457 Konstanz


I am a postdoc (sponsored by a personal grant from the Alexander von Humboldt foundation) in Konstanz and Tübingen. In Konstanz, I am affiliated with the Linguistics Department, where we have a lively Lakeside Semantics community. In Tübingen, I am an asociate member of the Collaborative Research Center 833 "Construction of meaning", a group that brings together linguists and psychologists.

My work is mostly on formal semantics and formal pragmatics. I also have additional interests in formal syntax and analytic philosophy, especially philosophy of language and epistemology. My research program in broad strokes is on understanding how and why languages differ and what is universal in natural language, on the division of labor between semantics and pragmatics, and on the synthesis between linguistics and philosophy. My major interests are epistemic commitments, subjective language and everything in between.

My research program has three main strands. The first strand is on various topics in the semantics of evidentiality, manifested by my UCLA dissertation on the cross-linguistic behavior of evidentials (e.g. allegedly) as opposed to other context-sensitive phenomena, with focus on their behavior in questions and in the complements of propositional attitude predicates (e.g. think).

In the second strand, which is the topic of my Humboldt grant, I explore micro-variation in a novel empirical domain: wh-scope marking and interrogative parentheticals in Slavic. The project has two main goals: (i) establish reasons for syntactic variation across Slavic, and (ii) examine the pragmatics of interrogative parentheticals.

The third strand (in joint work with Pranav Anand) is on semantics and metasemantics of taste. It explores linguistic and non-linguistic properties of Predicates of Personal Taste (PPTs), such as delicious. The overarching goal is to understand how natural language conceptualizes taste and what makes PPTs special: the semantics, the pragmatics, or the epistemology and psychology of taste.

Output of the projects above is described in greater detail here, and my full CV is here.

recent and upcoming

  • August 2020. "An opinionated guide to predicates of personal taste". Class at the 32nd European Summer School in Language, Logic and Information (ESSLLI), University of Utrecht. (w/ P.Anand)
  • September 2019. Accepted for publication in Linguistic Inquiry. "The embedding puzzle: Constraints on evidentials in complement clauses". [paper]
  • August 2019. "Speech reports". Class at the 31st European Summer School in Language, Logic and Information (ESSLLI), University of Latvia, Riga. (w/ P.Anand). Course materials available upon request.
  • June 2019. "Expressing evidence". Workshop organized with Todor Koev, Sven Lauer and Regine Eckardt, University of Konstanz.
  • May 2019. "Find". Talk at the workshop "Evaluative language", Ecole Normale Supriéure, Paris. (w/ P.Anand)
  • March 2019. "Hearsay and (non-)commitment". Invited talk at Semantics Babble, University of California, San Diego.
  • January 2019. "The subjective heart of evidentiality''. Invited talk at the Colloquium of the Formal Linguistics Research Group (GLiF), University of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.
  • November 2018. "The subjective heart of evidentiality''. Invited talk at the Oberseminar English Linguistics, University of Göttingen.
  • July 2018. "Acquaintance content and obviation". Uli Sauerland and Stephanie Solt (eds.), Proceedings Sinn und Bedeutung 22, ZAS, Berlin. (w/ P.Anand). [paper]
  • June 2018. "An opinionated guide to predicates of personal taste". Class at North American Summer School on Logic, Language and Information (NASSLLI) 2018, Carnegie Mellon University. (w/ P.Anand). Course materials available upon request.
  • June 2018. "Less is more: revisiting interrogative flip". Talk at the workshop "Meaning in non-canonical questions", University of Konstanz. [slides]
  • April 2018. "Preference for single events guides perception in Russian: A phoneme restoration study". Talk at the 54th meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society, University of Chicago. (w/ J.Harris).
  • December 2017. "Subjective language". University-wide interdisciplinary colloquium at Forum Scientiarum, Tübingen.
  • September 2017. "Diagnosing the semantic status of evidentials". Talk at the workshop "Questioning speech acts", University of Konstanz. [abstract]
  • May 2017. "Acquaintance inferences and the grammar of directness". Talk at the workshop Subjectivity in language and thought, University of Chicago. (w/ P.Anand). [abstract] [slides]